Today, everyone has to travel, both for personal and professional reasons. Our team of experts uses its know-how to develop solutions adapted to all needs. To this end, PORT offers you its range of IT luggage and computer accessories to support you.

For professionals who use document processing, such as accountants, the trolley is the right solution. The trolley allows you to carry a laptop computer as well as all the documents and accessories to work from any office in the best conditions.

PORT Designs' IT luggage collections are designed to transport and protect your laptop, documents, and accessories.

PORT Connect supports mobile professionals with its computer accessory solutions adapted to each need.

For professionals who must present in a partner company, such as sales representatives, a travel docking station is perfectly adapted to their needs. Thanks to this docking station, the speaker can extend the connectivity of his laptop by connecting all his peripherals for the smooth running of his presentation.


While travelling, especially on the train or in transport, reviewing a pitch or working on a presentation may be necessary. To ensure that no one can see the company data being studied, privacy filters are the right solution. The size and the way of hanging are variable and adaptable according to the needs of each professional.

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