Teleworking has developed significantly and has mainly been implemented in companies since the COVID-19 health crisis. It is still being democratized today with 16% of companies worldwide working entirely from home. It is a practice that has become commonplace with 62% of employees now teleworking. *


PORT offers a wide range of computer accessories adapted to teleworking. Within this range are ergonomic solutions, adapted to the needs of professionals. Have all the necessary equipment for teleworking at home in order to avoid carrying office accessories. These solutions guarantee efficiency and practicality as well as easy installation for an optimized and professional working environment.

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PORT has also developed audio and video conferencing solutions dedicated to professionals. For easy audio and video conferencing with everything you need, several individual solutions are available. The audio and video conferencing solutions are also compatible with most video conferencing applications.

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*Source :,pas%20le%20travail%20%C3%A0%20distance

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