Every year, PORT wins many projects in private and public markets.

Today, more than 3 million colleges and students are equipped by PORT worldwide.


Services PORT Designs

Customization to the realization of a custom product.Responding to market requirements and needs remain a permanent leitmotiv at home PORT, responsiveness and flexibility are the master assets to achieve this.


PORT provides its customers with a logo program that ensures personalization of products.The commercial team will advise you on the technical choice (enamelled plate, plastic patch, embroidery, printing or screen printing) depending on the delivery requirements and requirements.


The project team of our Paris design studio is able to develop or process a specifications for pre-production of a prototype within 15 days and delivery of a finished product within 13 to 15 weeks.Our education programs help equip hundreds of thousands of colleges and students in Europe every year.

Examples of project design

Many regions and departments, both in France and abroad, have asked us to create products for education, tailor-made and customized according to their specifications.We have been able to carry out various projects for which we have been able to deliver several hundred thousand products, especially for Spain with backpacks with wheels or protective covers for laptops with the Great East region.


PORT Designs Group integrates a new member: NAOTIC

"This acquisition brings together the skills of two French mobility champions!NAOTIC is a great example of the success of the Made in France, mastering the mobility ecosystem for the education and community sectors," says Stéphane Tripot, CEO of PORT Designs Group."We will develop our common offers for export and in large companies, which are always more sensitive to luggage solutions, trolleys and connected cabinets, for their tablet and laptop park," says CEO.

In a logic of business continuity and development, the entire Naotic leadership team remains in place."To join a group sharing our values will allow us to prepare for the future and open up new markets, while preserving our strength and DNA," says Fabrice Belouin, Naotic's partner.


Founded 10 years ago, NAOTIC is the number one French manufacturer of professional solutions for the transport, charging and securing of tablets and laptops.With its production in France, the company is a leading player in the education and community market.Based in Nantes, it employs 16 people and has a network of more than 1,200 dealers throughout the country.

For more information, visit https://www.naotic.fr/


PORT Connect offers a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions designed to improve the performance and ergonomics of your workspace.You can also gain productivity and efficiency through practical and easy-to-use solutions.

Charging Tower
Docking Station
Power Supply
Security Cable
Stereo Headset
Privacy Filter


PORT Designs offers an extensive range of computer luggage storage developed in our paris design studio.These solutions are adapted to the mobility and protection of your devices and accessories in a sustainable manner while combining elegance and modernity.

Dedicated Tablet Case
Universal Tablet Case
Eco Tablet Case
Laptop Case
2-in-1 Pack
Video Projector



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