The administration is made up of several professions, including public employees, secretaries, accountants, and many others. PORT has developed solutions adapted to the needs of these professions.

Administrative staff, especially those who may have to travel for appointments, audits, presentations, etc., need to be able to carry their laptops, accessories and all their documents. PORT offers a wide range of IT luggage, designed in its Parisian design studio, combining practicality and storage space.

Professionals spend an average of 12 hours sitting per working day in France. *

To be productive and work in good conditions, PORT offers a complete range of computer accessories dedicated to the needs of professionals, combining ease of use and power for optimal productivity. PORT Connect solutions are designed to provide comfort and precision to users.

The ergonomic solutions encourage the adoption of a natural posture aimed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders which are the first cause of professional diseases in France.

*source : Les chiffres clés -

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