Flex-office is a concept of having a workstation that is not specific to one person. The employee will therefore have to transport and move all his accessories and documents from one office to another.

PORT provides computer luggage solutions adapted to the needs of professionals for the transport of their laptop as well as all their documents and accessories for maximised flexibility.

PORT Connect offers a wide range of computer accessories that are easy to use yet practical for a quick and optimal workspace setup.

The PORT Connect range of docking stations, security cables, privacy filters and other desktop accessories are ideal for managing an IT estate.

For example, the desktop docking stations are equipped with network security features. These optimize the workspace and all necessary devices and peripherals can be easily connected via a single USB port on a laptop.

To avoid problems with missing keyboards and mice, PORT Connect keyboards and mice have a professional design and features that are designed for intensive use.


Both desktop and laptop monitors can be fitted with privacy filters to prevent sensitive company data from being leaked to different departments that may not have access to the same data.

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To prevent any risk of theft, the installation of a security cable is essential. Several types of cable are available to secure devices made available (docking station, screen, etc.).

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